Earn Points and Cash Them In!

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Cash In On Carpooling

The 50 Corridor TMA is sponsoring "Cash In On Carpooling" as a way to introduce a new tool to the Sacramento Region that encourages shared rides, whether every day or just occasionally.

The new tool is an app called Carzac - it's like Uber only cheaper and strictly geared for commuters.

While our Cash In On Carpooling campaign ends on the last day of October, Carzac will be here to stay,  helping you with your commute transportation needs and tackling traffic congestion at the same time.  

Carzac users who share a ride with a Carzac driver pay a fee (much cheaper than UBER) through the app.  You'll know the fee before you accept a ride.  Once you are a Carzac user, you'll have opportunities to win credits and bonuses so your actual cost will go even lower.

And Carzac drivers get to see their commute costs reduced while enjoying the company of fellow commuters.