Earn Points and Cash Them In!

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For Drivers

Drivers, once you've entered your commute information, you just drive as usual. It's up to riders to contact you.  Carzac will automatically generate daily offers to potential carpoolers based on the days, and times you've selected. These offers are presented to riders and if a rider is interested, you'll get a request via notification or text.  You then agree to provide the ride or decline for any reason.

1.  Download the Carzac App

              Carzac for IPhone

              Carzac for Android

2.  Design a route that fits your commute.

3.  Sign Up and enter your commute route. You can also upload a photo of your car

4.  Tell us how many seats you have and the times of your commute

5.  Post your empty seats on days you are willing to take passengers

6.  You'll be paid though Pay Pal for all the rides you provide.

For Passengers

Riders, it's up to you to request a ride.  Your search is private until you make a request.  (It may take time to build up drivers in your area.)

1.  Download the Carzac app from either the Apple Store or Google Play 

2.  Sign up!

3.  Before your first ride, you'll need to enter a Credit Card number under the Settlings Tab.  Your account will be billed after your ride - or it can be charged in $25 increments with the balance (which will always be visible on the app) held for future rides.

4.  Select when you would like to get notifications about available rides:  30 minutes prior, 2 hours prior or the prior evening.

5.  When notified of available rides, simply press the button and  book the ride.  You can decline the ride for any reason.