Earn Points and Cash Them In!

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Commute Coordinators can CASH IN, too!

Commute Coordinators:  For the next few months, we are giving you a new title:  Pit Boss.

Your new job is to inspire your commuters to participate in our October promotion:  Cash In On Carpooling

Your commuters will have a chance to try a new carpooling app (Carzac) and rack up points which can be converted into prizes - up to $500 for the commuter with the most points.

But wait!  You can cash in, too!  Treat yourself or put the funds back into your commute program - it's up to you.

Here's what you are working towards - $250 for the Pit Boss who has:

     - The highest percentage participation (50 Corridor TMA members get a 25% boost)

     - The most driver sign ups (50 Corridor TMA members get a 25% boost)

     - Most carpools on any day in October  (50 Corridor TMA members get a 25% boost)

     - Best work-site promotion (send in a report -with photos- on your campaign by Nov. 5)

(One prize per person)

To be eligible to Cash In, please complete this Employer Participation Form.